I've spent years in the trades. If you want to learn the business, it would be best if you find a local painter and apprentice for him. A woman I know called me all the time, because she was charging $15 an hour and didn't even know what a Five-in-one is...it's a basic tool every painter I know carries in their pocket, along with a rag.

Here is a link where you can put your zip code in to see what the average cost is. Most painters have insurance, equipment, vans and storage that these prices include.

It's great that you know how to draw. But remember that you are trying to build a reputation. I haven't used a resume in over a decade, as I get hired by people who see my work. So, even if it means you get stuck interior painter doing the "grunt" work, work for an experienced painter. You will be learning all sorts of things, so you don't have to call people like me when a job gets overwhelming!

Lots of luck in your journey and please understand that some fathers will never see the wonderful person that is their child. Some, sadly, will always underestimate you. So, don't worry about him. Do what makes you proud of yourself and hopefully he will rise to meet you.

I'm including a photo from a set for a movie I worked on. You may want to look into options beyond house painting. Theater, opera, television and cruise ships use painted scenery, as do major motion movies, although it is a dying art due to CGI. Just wanted you to know there are options beyond the obvious for us painters!